Kindergarten – 2nd Grade  2nd Floor

Taught by Mandy Arvidson Murph; she is a recent graduate from Coker College and will be teaching Kindergarten at Thomas Hart Academy this fall. She is wonderful with our littlest children!

Elementary Grades 3rd – 5th 3rd Floor

We have started a new curriculum called Live B.I.G. Live B.I.G. helps children see, hear and live their B elief In God. The creativity and imagination as the children experience the biblical story is re-igniting our Sunday school!

Junior High & Senior High Basement in the Youth Suite

Taught by Jeffery Tadlock; this class is comprised of various age groups and brings a deeper discussion time about the scriptures, and how they relate to today’s world.


Covenant Keepers Class: Parlor on 2nd Floor of the Educational Building

This class is comprised of singles and married couples; some with children of various ages. The class chooses their own curriculum, and is known for their lively discussions.

Kenneth Kuehner Classroom: 3rd Floor of the Educational Building

This classroom is a large class of senior adults, both single and married couples.  This class rotates teachers and has a long history of community involvement.

Thomas Schuler Classroom: 3rd Floor of the Educational Building

This classroom is our largest class and is comprised of a lively group of adults that are very much involved in the church and the community.

All classes in the Educational Building may be accessed by stairs from the far left door on College Avenue, or by the elevator by entering the door in the new addition, the Family Living Center, to the left of the Sanctuary on 4th Street.