Journey Youth Ministries

The Wesley youth group (Journey) is a fun and nurturing environment for middle and high school students. Journey youth ministries seeks to provide the youth with a place of fellowship, fun and games, and learning and growth in the Christian faith.

Weekly activities for the youth are Sunday from 5:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.

On Sundays,we enjoy food, fellowship, and games together and use a Bible study or guest speaker to apply the teachings of God’s word to our daily lives.


  • Revolution Youth Retreat in Columbia, SC
  • Disciple Now – a Hartsville wide youth retreat for middle and high schoolers
  • Lock-ins
  • Progressive dinner and caroling for Christmas
  • Organizing an egg hunt for Wesley’s children
  • 30 hour famine lock in – raising awareness and money to end world hunger
  • Forming a Relay for Life team
  • and more ……

Other Opportunities for youth:
We encourage teens to participate in worship by bringing the light into the service as acolytes and also by reading scripture as lay readers. Call the church office for opportunities at (843) 332-1196.

Past Studies

Sunday School

The Gospel of Matthew – The first book of the New Testament, this gospel is considered the most complete writing on Jesus’ Jewish origins and teachings. It is the only gospel that contains Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

The Deity Formerly Known as God, by Jarrett Stevens – The first half of this book breaks down some modern stereotypes about God that prevent people from understanding Him or desiring a relationship with Him, such as a cop who’s always waiting to nail us for messing up. The second half of the book replaces these negative images of God with the true God by using some of Jesus’ parables from the New Testament, such as a neighbor who’s willing to share his bread, even in the middle of the night.

Why Jesus? – In this video series David Nasser shares some segments of the New Testament that are very helpful in understanding just who Jesus is and why God sent him. Nasser also shares some of his own life story as a Muslim who moved to the United States and converted to Christianity.

The Weight of Glory – A sermon by C.S. Lewis centered around different meanings of the word “glory” and the glory that is our God.
Mere Christianity – In this book C.S. Lewis analyzes Christianity and what makes up a Christian lifestyle.


Be The Change – An inspiring book written by 15-year old Zach Hunter, who has already started a big movement to free modern-day slaves around the world. Zach’s book tells us a lot about how we can help end slavery, and also about how we can embrace our own passions to serve others.

Thriving on the Jagged Edge, by Max Davis – Davis shares many of his own challenges with having a son who was born deaf and tells about the challenges of many inspiring people he has known. Along with these stories Davis uses the Bible to explore using our faith in God to overcome daily stresses and trying times in life.